Speak to me!

So I’m sitting here listening to christmas cantatas for our 2009 christmas season. And I come across this song in one of them and it just beautifully and simply puts this longing the song writer has into words!

And the words are “Speak to me” and then I realize thats is EVERY christian’s longing, for God to “Speak to Me”. We want Him to tell us so many things: That it is gonna be alright, That THIS is the path we should take, That we should or shouldn’t do something.

In my own life I so desperately want to hear from him on a daily basis. But what I am coming to realize is that He is speaking. Maybe not always face to face with me but I really have to understand HE IS SPEAKING.

The thing I really have a hard time understanding is He even speaks to me in the quiet and the silence. Boy I REALLY don’t like that! 🙂 I want Him to tell me what to do and where to go with BIG FLASHING NEON SIGNS or hey how bout a buring bush. But all I may ever get is a whisper or well who knows.

So tonight I am writing to say I am OK with the quiet and the silence and I will just wait on my Father and let Him lead.


Your thoughts heard here!

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