It is 3 am?

So I’m sitting here as my phone syncs to my computer. And really I am wondering why in the WORLD I am up at 3am. Well the creative juices were flowing and I decided to continue bringing EBC along with me as we travel to the idea of MAKING OURSELVES avaiable to the community.

So here is the progress. We are looking into a group called clover sites to help us design a website and we are also now tweeting at We are also now on facebook how ever for now you are just gonna have to look for EBENEZER BAPTIST CHURCH.

What will all this do? Who knows, but if the end result is one person is able to be ministered to my these social media avenues then it will all be worth it!!!

And by the way …. thats us at the top, well some of us? How bout I got the entire 8:30am group to slide to the middle of the church to take a picture for the web… HOW COOL IS THAT?


Your thoughts heard here!

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