New Idea

Thought I would start doing something different every Saturday night / Sunday morning. I am gonna start posting our set lists for EBC. This will allow other worship leaders to see what we are doing at EBC and why else? I really don’t know why but maybe it would be useful to someone else! If no one views it then i will stop putting it so let me know!!

We are a very diverse church. We have 3 Sunday services: 8:30 – contemporary, 11:00 – Traditional, 6:00pm – Blended Contemporary.

Anyway here is our set list. Tomorrow night I will be back with my regular post for the week!

In Him,


1. Hosanna, Praise Is Rising
2. Sing to the King
3. Healing Grace
4. Hosanna

Invitation – Grace covers Me

1. 189 – The Lilly of the Valley
2. 444 – Sunlight
3. 438 – Heaven Came Down
4. 282 – Living for Jesus

Invitation – 300 – With out Him

1. That’s Why We Praise Him
2. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
3. Mighty To Save
4. Draw me Close to You / Holy Ground

Invitation – Give Us Clean Hands


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