WOW so long so long indeed!!


Where in the world have I been? I had planned on using this blog to help me organize my thoughts and to allow me to put my thoughts somewhere I could read them. And I have really really let this part of my life slide!. Well I am back.

I just got back from an amazing trip to Southern California to the Saddleback worship conference. What a difference it has made back here at home. For years I went to the conference to see what was new in the area of music for the church. This year God said how bout we deal with your life Jeremy!

Well wasnt that just a punch in the face? So here are some things that He showed me and maybe He will show you too!!!

#1. I am a prideful guy. It is one of the areas I struggle with the most!.. and guess what the DECIEVER will use, not only my weaknesses but also my STRENGTHS to try to hurt me. I never realized that and looking back I see that most of my issues in my life come from me and my pride!

#2. I am TOO COMFORTABLE. God sent us the holy spirt to COMFORT us. But here is the question…. Why would I need a comforter when I am always COMFORTABLE.. I am in a air conditioned house with the lights on and then I drive in my nice air conditioned truck to my air conditioned job and then on sundays I lead worship in a church where it is usually nice and cool and the pews are soft. WHEN AM I EVER UNCOMFORTABLE… if the answer is never then when do I need the GREAT COMFORTER? Something is wrong with that? I need to look for ways out of my confort zone that I can serve him and BE COMFORTED! Thanks to Frances Chan for making me think of that!

#3. “God closes doors and opens other ones but it is hell in the hallway.” — Buddy Owens

This kinda goes back to the comfortable thing. I love my church and I love serving there but I NEVER want to get to the place where I do what I do for a paycheck and because it is COMFORTABLE!!!! I am listening soo hard to hear God speak right now but all I get is “BE STILL” and the problem I have with that is I have been hearing that since I got there. “BE STILL”… What does that mean and I mean at what point does the message change? I guess I will just “BE STILL” and see what happens.

#4. The CHURCH is full of sinners. That pretty much says it all. When I sin sometimes I feel like I do not belong at church with all those PERFECT faces. But then GOD showed me, I am in the place you are supposed be when you are a sinner. Church was made for sinners not for PUBLICANS….. So let me end with this….

Father forgive me a sinner!




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