Worship Is……….

I just need to talk to God for a moment. I don’t mind if you all listen in. I have been thinking about what worship is to me. And this list is just really for me and God but I wanted to share it. It is not pre-thought of or posted from somewhere else. Try it sometime!!!

My Worship to my father is…..

Indescribable (sorry C. Tomlin)
Kindness to Others
Loving the unlovable
Me singing TO YOU
Never about ME
Opulent, my greatest gift
Regular, a daily occurrence
Silence when it must be
Telling the world about what HE has done
Unnormal (I know it is not a word but hey it came to my mind so I wrote it)
Valiant effort, not perfect but a good try sometimes
Work for my father outside the church walls
eXuberant (HEY IT IS MY LIST)
Yours alone God
the Zenith of everything I am

I give you my ministry tonight father. Bless this group of people whom allow me to worship with them. Be with the Band and the singers and I as we lead as we have been called. Help me to get into you WORD more. Please lead me in my daily WORSHIP and my family life. And help me to step outside of my church and WORK for you!


WORD WORK WORSHIP.. We gotta have all three! Bless you this week!


Your thoughts heard here!

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