A Whisper of Worship

The night is a bit cooler than previous evenings. I can hear crickets right outside my window as they make a noise that the creator created them for. Each of us has within us the aptitude to worship. The problem is we cannot see what worship of the father is going on right beside us. Or in my case right outside my window. Those crickets make that noise and this lead worshiper realizes that my worship does not have to be all LOUD and out there. My worship can be just like those crickets I hear, it can be quiet and still be worshipful. There is WORSHIP in silence. I am just coming to realize that. So this week reader. Spend 5 min this week after your regular devotion time and don’t say a thing. Just sit and soak GOD in. Before you start ask this question out loud: God what do you want to say to me today?


2 responses to “A Whisper of Worship

  1. Mr Jeremy, You are so right. Silence is golden. There is a song by Point of Grace “In the Calm.” It talks about a person who is just quiet and is listening to God. Some of the words are:”I am still. I am quiet. I am Yours.” It’s an awesome song, and if we can, I think it would be great to sing in church.

  2. Hi man was just reading your blog.And just like you tonight I was trying to get things together for the worship service this coming saturday night. For some reason I to was thinking about worship. So many times I think at times we forget what worship really is. I was reading over some verses in psalms that talks about worship. One that really stood out to me Psalms 35 it says “let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker.Worship is not the same for a lot of people. And for some in church they dont know what worship really is. Well just wanted to share that.

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