I am alive!!

Well a new year is here and things are so different since my last entry. Our church lost our youth pastor and we are now looking to hire a new guy. I am excited for the youth and for this new young guy as he begins his ministry.

I also lost one of my vocalist and my drummer to circumstances that I could not control. I miss them dearly but I also understand that God is in all and THANK GOODNESS he is in control. The sunday after I lost those 2 members of my ministry God showed me 2 new people that could join us and make the group whole again, WELCOME JASON (new vocalist) and TYLER (new drummer).

January always begins a busy time for me. I am bivocational (work 2 jobs) and my OTHER job requires me to be away from my family and my church ministry for a lot of days. Please pray for me that I will have all the time i need to get all things done. I know that God will let me get everything HE wants done. It is just hard for me to let God have control sometimes, I know alot of you are that way also.
Anyway, have a great Sunday and GO TO CHURCH 🙂


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