Worship is everything and I AM SOO SMALL

It is 1:52 in the morning and I am just finalizing my song list for today. I do not know what has taken so long this week. We will be doing some amazing songs in all the services today. For those of you who do not know, we do 3 services on sundays at EBC.

8:30am – Contemporary
11:00am – Blended Traditional
6:00pm – Blended

So on sundays I get to lead in songs from my youth and new songs I get to introduce the congregation to.

BTW, we also got a new pastor last weekend and I am ready to work under someone again. To go a year and 1/2 with out a pastor was an experience.

And on September 9th our college and career ministry will be starting a service just for that generation. They have named their ministry the “SOUL PATROL“, which I think is hilarious. I will be the one bringing the messages for these services and I am totally and unbelievably exctied that i get to do this. It is nice to be able to share what is on your heart and not have to do it in between the songs that we are singing on sundays. As of right now I will be sharing about there always being something greater than us. I am going to use Paul’s visit to Athens as my text and I am praying that GOD does something amazing. My brother, Seth, will be leading worhip for the service and I am praying so hard that God will use him to bring those guys into worship. Please pray with me!


One response to “Worship is everything and I AM SOO SMALL

  1. Hey Jeremy, thanks for visiting my blog! How ever did you find me? I wonder if you’ve met my husband yet, he seems to have met everyone and I still know no one. Maybe our families should get together, you could tell us more about Hammond, we still feel very new here!

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